Maestro Society

The Maestro Society is an elite group having raised funds to provide live entertainment in Portage free of charge to the public throughout the year, in perpetuity. The Society, currently provides significant funding toward Portage LIVE! concerts throughout the year. All Maestro contributors receive complimentary season tickets as a bonus for their contributions. Maestro Contributors are:

Porter County Community Foundation

Linda & Terry Hardin,
In Memory of Julianne M. Kevek

Walter & Ann Sampson

Portage LIVE!

Terry & Linda Hardin

Portage Tri Kappa

Vietnam Veterans of Porter County

Russell Fortini

In memory of M. Del Greco (Frances Darnell)

In memory of Clyde and Geraldine Hardin

Don & Dorothy Kurtz

Warren Larson

Bruce & Marilyn Lindner

James & Sue Lynch

Sharon & Carroll Massey

Dushanka & Milo Milatovic

Jose & Hortencia Moreno

Debra Podgorski

Tom & Cindy Schnabel

Call Terry Hardin at 219-762-5025 for more information about Maestro Society or making a contribution.